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What We Do



The key to our client service is our seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise with tools and capabilities to support execution and make change happen-on a global scale.



Industry Practices

There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. Organizations need to track competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, and advances in technology to compete and thrive in their sector. Our consultants draw upon years of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients' success.

Advanced Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electric Power & Natural, Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare Systems & Services, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products, Private Equity & Principal Investors, Public Sector, Retail, Social Sector, Telecommunications, Travel, Transport & Logistics.







Functional Practices

Excellence in functional disciplines can make or break an organization's ability to keep up with the pace of change. From strategy to operations, we are committed to helping our clients build their functional skills and boost performance for the long term.

Business Technology, Corporate Finance, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Organization, Risk, Strategy, Sustainability & Resource Productivity.






Capabilities & Solutions

To help our clients achieve lasting success, we offer a wide range of services that reinforces our core consulting and advisory work:

Legal management
Arranging for all sorts of registrations at the various ministries, government offices and establishments.
Issuing invitation letters and follow up on visa applications.
Oversee the process of issuing the necessary permits such as residency, work, travel and airport access.
Presenting a variety of real estate and vehicles (armored and soft).

Government and public relations
Granting a strong access to the various ministries, governorates, general directorates and government offices across Kurdistan.
Providing admission to the Kurdistan board of Investment and the Kurdistan Investment committee.
Linking to the chamber of commerce, contractors union and Importers & Exporters Union.
Promoting to attract top layer businessmen and women from across the world.

Investment management
Overlay an influential association to the Construction, Oil & Gas, Tourism, Agriculture, Education, Industrial and Commercial sector.
Connecting to the banking industry (government and private).